We provide healthcare professionals with the education, resources, and mentoring to open, grow and scale the practice of their dreams!

As healthcare professionals in today’s world, you know all too well that helping your patients heal has become more difficult. It’s troubling that, in conventional medicine, providers are pressured to spend less and less time with their patients, many of whom have increasingly complicated chronic illnesses. At best you get to spend 10-15 minutes with a patient. That makes it virtually impossible to get to the true root causes of the conditions. Much less, afford you the time needed to properly educate your patients with strategies to transform their lives and prevent disease in the first place. This explains the state of affairs as to why there’s an increasing movement for healthcare professionals to seek a better way.

Our clinical method and framework EMPOWERS you with the ability to place the patient at the center of the clinical encounter and help them achieve profound transformations. Our business model provides you the FREEDOM to work when you want, with whom you want and from where ever you want. You can cut your work hours in half and at the same time double your income.


Business Development

Comprehensive curriculum covering EVERYTHING you need to build a thriving and highly profitable business…from complete business setup, branding, website design, content creation, clinical offerings, sales and marketing, patient acquisition and enrollment…so much more.


Practice Development

Comprehensive curriculum covering EVERYTHING you need to workup and evaluate a patient clinical case, order appropriate laboratory assessments, educate patients, implement dietary guidelines, properly prescribe supplements and medication, and treatment protocols…so much more

Become Highly Successful, Build Clinical Confidence & Eliminate Overwhelm With Our

Clinician Training Program

Balance Protocol Institute is the preeminent Integrative and Functional Medicine training program for healthcare professionals desiring both business mentoring and clinical training!

Balance Protocol Preceptorship Program is a 12 month business and clinical preceptorship program that combines weekly video conferences, online coursework, research archive, video library, one-on-one mentoring and in-person training events. All of which, makes you a part of an interactive community of fellow practitioners dedicated to empower you with advanced knowledge and grow your business at the same time.

We understand that for the vast majority of practitioners don’t need more information, they need better information and someone to help them apply it. Not just more clinical knowledge but business skills ALSO! To be highly successful and achieve great results for business AND your patients you need the ability to discern between marketing hype and truly clinically effective methods. More wisdom in application and critical thinking skills!

Create, Build & Scale Your Dream Practice

You’re a motivated health professional who wants to produce the greatest results with your patients and build a thriving, evidence-based practice, you’re in the right place!

  • Go completely virtual and require no physical location OR combine virtual and brick and mortar practice.

  • Work from anywhere to consult patients from all around the world.

  • Have complete flexibility to create your own schedule and live a rewarding life.

  • Learn a proven clinical framework that achieves profound patient outcomes.

  • Access world class mentoring to help you navigate patient cases start to finish.

  • Join a Mastermind of clinicians from around the world who are highly skilled and successful in applying Balance Protocol.

  • Make far more income while working far less!

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