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Get the high-level business support you need to build, market, and scale your company with ease.


High-level support FOR HEALTH & WELLNESS related coaches/consultants/practitioners.

Do you dream of working from anywhere, seeing clients from all around the world, and having complete flexibility in your schedule?

Do you wish there was a proven formula you could copy and paste into your business to make it sky-rocket?

Do you want support from and access to someone making millions already using the SAME formula?

People like Dr. Anthony Beck, who can answer your questions, along with our coaches, on LIVE zoom sessions throughout the week?

Then THIS is for YOU.

And this could be the most life changing investment you’ll ever make.

Life changing for you, your family, your career, and of course…your future clients.

Many of those who have joined  Balance Protocol Institute now run 6 and 7 figure companies of their own. Many more are featured regularly in mainstream media publications and television, grow constantly on social media, enjoy working less while making more, impact the lives of millions, and have the business and life of their dreams.

The Online Business Academy *Bundle*

A complete business plan in a bottle.

The OBA Bundle is the result of years of experience my team and I have building, structuring, marketing, and growing highly-successful coaching and consulting businesses – in MANY different industries! Whether you want to build your business around 1:1 coaching, group coaching, automated courses, or a blend of all three (like me!), the OBA Bundle has EVERYTHING you need to succeed. The OBA Bundle is made up of 2 separate and complete courses, making sure there’s no stone left unturned.


Business Coaching & Consulting Masterminds.

Do you want the fastest way to grow and scale your own online company?

The speed you grow all boils down to having the right mentorship & support in place. Clients who have joined our Masterminds have gone from 0 to millions in just months. Along with seven-figure companies of their own, they are featured in mainstream media publications, television, and grown exponentially on social media. This is possible with extremely focused action, carefully crafted by the right mentorship. Our mastermind clients use this to enjoy 180 degree career shifts, so they can work less while actually making more, and living the life of their dreams.

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Do any of these sound like you?

You feel stuck in your current “job” and are looking for a way out.

You have a business idea you’ve been bouncing around for awhile.

You have a “side business” you’ve been trying to build, but it just hasn’t grown or  hit that 6-figure mark yet.

You know you could do something great, if you just knew the exact steps to take…

Then This Program Was Designed for You.  

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When you follow along with me, I will give you the exact, no BS, no fluff steps you need right now to build your online business and begin making money.

We are here to get YOU results, and we’re giving you ALL the insider steps to make that happen.

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This could be you too. Let’s make it happen!